UNDERWORLD Industrial EBM Gothic Darkwave Social Meet & Greet Every 3rd. Saturday of The Month . This is A Bar,Pub and is FREE Entry for everyone, for socializing & hangingout, listening to good Industrial/Elektro/Darkwave music with DJ Bryan Pollard + DJ Pnm & Guests . Some Drink Specials 2.75 domestic beers. $3 wells & $2 cans of PBR, Busch, Rolling Rock, Natural Lite, Miller High Life , & more. Cocktails
Screvedriver $3.00
Margarita $3.00
Italian-rita $3.50…
White Russian $3.50 …
Black Russian $3.50
Appletini $3.50
Washington Appletini $3.50
Watermellontini $3.50
Crimson Martini (Port, lime juice, grenadine) $3.50
Irish Cream and Coffee $3.50
Mudslide (Kafe Luna Coffee liquer with O’Mara’s Irish Cream) $4.00
Mind Erasure (Kafe Luna Coffee Liquer with Soboloff and soda water $3.50
Black Ice Mint (Kafe Luna Coffee Liquer, Peppermint Snaps and Coca Cola) $4.00
Chocolate Covered Cherry (Grenadine, Coffee Liquer, Irish Cream) $4.00
Toasted Almond Bar (Kafe Luna Coffee Liquer, Amaretto DiVerano and milk) $4.00
Tootsie Roll (Kafe Luna Coffee Liquer and Orange Juice) $4.00 Jolly Rancher (vodka, watermelon snapps, sweet and sour, grenadine) $4.00
Otter Pop (Ron Copa Rica rum, Blue Curacoa, Sweet and Sour with Sprite) $4.00
Cosmopolitan $3.00
Kamikazi $3.00
Crankazi $3.00
Long Island Ice Tea $5.00
inside The Rook 7745 University Ave. La Mesa ,CA 91941 from the owner of Kadan Share this with your friends Hope to see you there FREE Entry Meet & Greet For Everyone into Industrial Gothic Darkwave Elektro & Fetlife scene 8:30pm-2am 619 461 3825


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